About No Chains

How No-Chains Started


In March 12th 2009, a member of the Argentine cooperative and community organization called La Alameda, met with the cooperative members of the Thai factory Dignity Returns (formerly called the Solidarity Factory), at a labour conference in Bangkok. La Alameda and Dignity Returns agreed to launch a joint cooperatives brand, which each factory would produce for, to promote sweat-free, cooperatively managed garment production and to raise awareness about labor conditions in the global garment industry. They jointly launched a global design contest to obtain the best designs for their products.


On June 4th 2010, the two cooperatives conducted their first product launch, with the brand name “No Chains.” From this point onward, No Chains was not just a product brand, but also the name for the collective work done among the cooperatives within No Chains’ growing network. “No Chains” represents workers from the garment sector, but also aims to diversify its coverage to other products, in order to promote all genuine cooperative production: “A Factory of Workers, By Workers, for Workers’.


No-Chains Principles


Cooperatives which joint No Chains are self-management where workers in it are co-owners and co-managers as well as co-workers. Each cooperatives of No Chains have the following common characteristics:


  • Shared decision-making in assemblies of all workers.
  • Each member has equal say in decision-making (one vote).
  • The cooperative members have equal pay and equal profit-sharing.
  • The organization of the cooperative is based on transparency and accountability.
  • The cooperatives provide support for workers’ rights and the trade union movement as well as the community.

No-Chains Vision & Mission

As cooperation between cooperatives continues, No Chains began to grow as an organization which have aims to achieve in its line of work. No Chains vision and mission as organization are as follow:


Vision: Creating a network of worker cooperative garment production, that respects workers’ dignity and rejects exploitation and slavery.



  • To change the slave-like conditions that have chained millions of workers around the world, by inviting the participation of artists, consumers and the public to support cooperative production.
  • To promote democratic, egalitarian and just workplaces through worker self-management in the form of worker cooperatives.
  • To support the struggles for labour rights and decent and just conditions of all workers in the garment industry.


In order to achieve the above vision and mission, No-Chains cooperatives serve not just as a workplace, but also as a vessel of struggles and trenches from which workers can do battle against corporations and governments to defend their rights.



No Chains Cooperatives

Cooperativa Asamblea 20 de Diciembre – Argentina


The cooperative 20th of December (Cooperativa Asamblea 20 de Diciembre) is an arm of an organization called La Alameda in Argentina. This cooperative is part of movement in Argentina which arose after the economic crisis that hit Argentina in the year 2001 – 2002. The cooperative 20th of December has its own brand called “Mundo Alameda” which reflects the way of producing and consuming of garment in a responsible way. The cooperative 20th of December is living proof that workers can make excellent quality clothing without exploiting anyone in the chain of production and without charging excessive prices to the consumers.\r\n\r\nThe cooperative 20th of December and its umbrella organization La Alameda, over time have become known for their struggle for decent work, and against all forms of slave labour, including not only slave labour in garment sweatshops but also child labour and human trafficking.


To visit Cooperativa Asamblea 20 de Diciembre webpage:




Dignity Returns – Thailand


Dignity Returns was formed by the ex-workers of Bed and Bath factory. The members of this cooperative begin their fight for workers’ rights when 900 factory workers of Bed and Bath were laid-off as the follow-up of sudden factory closure in 2002. For three months, 400 workers continued fighting at the Ministry of Labour, and they achieved more than cash compensation – they got a revised law on workers’ compensation that would benefit all workers in the country. Learning through the experience of layoffs and unjust treatment, some of the workers decided to establish a factory of their own known as the “Solidarity Factory”. Solidarity Factory was later renamed as Dignity Returns, which also served as the factory’s own brand. Dignity Returns faced a lot of hardship to stay viable as a workers’ cooperative, but they have managed to keep their existence and succeed in becoming a factory “of workers, by workers and for workers.”


To visit Dignity Returns webpage :




Liza Balando’s Solidarity Collections - Philippines


Liza Balando’s Solidarity Collective was established when several displaced Triumph workers interested to formed a workers’ production collective on May 2010. The collective was named after a garment worker who fought for workers rights and got killed during the martial law time because of her strong conviction in fighting for the common good of her fellow workers. The collective is strongly supported by the coalition called Defend Job Philippines, which is a campaign group focusing on the struggle for jobs, homes and justice. Defend Jobs have supported the collective to obtain cutting, sewing machines, and garment making orders from other organizations and public. The collective has been suspended recently due to lack of orders as well as attacks on individual members for their worker organizing activities. With greater activity of No Chains, the collective hopes to join in future production.


Hong Kong Women Workers’ Association - Hong Kong


Hong Kong Women Workers’ Association has initiated the development of a cooperative movement in Hong Kong. Since 1995, HKWWA has organized worker cooperatives for middle-aged women who have lost their jobs as factories moved out of Hong Kong. One of the first cooperatives it set up was a printing service, which lasted for 3 years. Since 2003 until now, HKWWA has been operating a green cooperatives network in which community women are organized to join cooperatives. Women cannot easily find jobs that allow them to take care of their children at the same time. Thus HKWWA operates the green cooperatives network to create job opportunities for community women. They include: Eco-friendly Domestic Workers Cooperatives, and Upcycling Garment Cooperatives.


Members of the Upcycling Garment Cooperatives draw upon their experiences working at various garment factories and become expert at their own production line, compared to in factories where the division of work gave little chances to workers to exchange and upgrade their skills.


The Upcycling Garment Cooperatives not only provide income generation, but also sets up a new working pattern, to encourage workers to share their skills, and to build solidarity with the labour movement.


The garment cooperative had almost no opportunities to get orders since the cost of the products were not accepted by the public. From 2012, the garment coop changed its name to “ Upcycling Garment Cooperatives”. The main work is firstly to produce upcycling products, e.g. collect banners, umbrella material and plastic rice bags, and changing them to other useful things.


HKWWA has participated in No Chains since 2012, in order to encourage Hong Kong social movements and consumers to support for worker-managed garment cooperatives in not only Hong Kong but around the world.


To visit Hong Kong Women Workers'' Association webpage please click: http://www.hkwwa.org.hk







No Chains is joint forces of cooperatives, organizations and individuals who have common cry and make resolution to launch global line of products that symbolize a fight for a world free of slave labour. No Chains is a collective symbol for workers and consumers across the globe, for a dignified and decent work.No Chains calls on unions, NGOs, cooperatives, companies claiming compliance to labour standards, responsible consumer groups and the general public to join this collective effort. There are many diverse ways that you can associate with No Chains, because No Chains is the embroidery of a network that has a beginning but no end, and hopes to be reproduced all around the globe.


Join Our Cooperatives : If you are a cooperative or a self-managed worker group and interested to join the productive network of No Chains, you can join No Chains network by applying to No Chains and complying with our principles of workers’ democracy and equal distribution of effort and profits.


Be Our Volunteer : If you are individuals and interested in supporting No Chains work, you can join No Chains network by contacting and applying to No Chains’ team.


Be our Participants : You could also supporting No Chains by socializing about the brands and the cooperatives’ stories in their efforts to establish a production chain that respect workers’ dignity and rejects exploitation.


Donates to Our Cause : If you are interested to support No Chains work and campaigns, you can also donate to our cause, through our offices.


Be Our Retailer : You could also support No Chains directly by become our retailer in your country.


Be Our Consumers : If you support the ideas of No Chains, you can start to be our consumer. You could also participate in our campaign through social media. Like Us on Facebook now !


Be Our Designer : No Chains is inviting designers and artists to join the cause by bringing new designs and ideas for the brand. Just keep scrolling down for more information.

Design Competition


No Chains is currently holding its design competition!!! We are collecting T-Shirt designs that could represent our brand. The deadline for design submission will be on the 20th of June, and the results will be announced on the 30th of June. There will be a $300 USD prize for the best design, a $200 USD prize for the second place design, and a $100 USD prize for the third place design. Send us your design now via email to : Arts@NoChains.net


Detail descriptions of the competition are as below :


1. The design should express the ideology and values behind NoChains and the worker’s cooperative movement. Learn more about our ideas at www.NoChains.Net


2.Submit design and your basic contact info ( jpeg/png/ai/psd file and an image showing the

design on a T-Shirt) via Email to: Arts@NoChains.Net


3. Follow us on Facebook, Like and Share your design when posted. 3 Selected Designs would

receive a money prize. Submission Deadline: June 20, 2016


Prize : 1st  Place - $300 USD

          2nd Place - $200 USD

          3rd  Place - $100 USD




Contact Us


Information and Enquiries :      info@nochains.net

Design Submission :                 arts@nochains.net

Business :                                sales@nochains.net


General Enquiries/ Contact :    www.facebook.com/NoChains/




Argentina - 20th December


Address :

The Corner of Lacarra and directory (Lacarra 720 and 3998 Board),

District of Avellaneda Park City Autonoma de Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA, Postal Code 1407


Phone : 4671-4690 / 4115-5071

Email : prensaalameda@yahoo.com.ar / mundoalameda@yahoo.com.ar (sales) /    costureros@yahoo.com.ar (union)



Thailand - Dignity Returns


Address :

Soi Ekachai 64/2 Ekachai Rd., Bangbon Bangkhuntian

Bangkok 10150, THAILAND


Phone : +66 89 779 9364

Fax : +66 2 899 0445

Email : prensaalameda@yahoo.com.ar / mundoalameda@yahoo.com.ar (sales) /    costureros@yahoo.com.ar (union)




Philippines - Liza Balando’s Solidarity Collective


Address :

D, Caton St, La Paz, Makati City, PHILIPPINES


Phone : +63 92 3466 2342, +63 90 5872 9734

Email : nochains.philippines@gmail.com




Hong Kong - Hong Kong Woman Workers’ Association


Address :

Tsui Ying House at Tsui Ping Estate underground 1-3A


Phone : +852 2790 4848

Fax : +852 2790 4922

Email : workwomen@hkwwa.org.hk